Joelle Kissel


I’m Joelle Kissel,

I’m the artistic director and head dance instructor at Art in Motion Dance Center in Lakewood Ranch. Ever since I took my first ballet and tap combo class at five years old, I’ve been passionate about dancing. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to sit still, and dance has been the perfect solution. 

When my mom, Allyison Kissel, came up with the idea to open a dance center, I was intrigued. She wanted to provide something that’s not currently available in this area, so she created Art in Motion. Though I was teaching at a different dance studio at the time, I knew this would be a great opportunity. 

With a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in dance performance, I’ve enjoyed learning and mastering the art of creative movement. While in school, I studied lighting, choreography, and the history of dance. I’m able to use this knowledge, along with my years of experience performing on stage, to help my students excel. 

What do I enjoy most about being a dance instructor? 

The relationships I have with the kids I teach! I have a strong love for children. That, combined with my passion for dance is a great combination. 

Growing up, I had a close relationship with my dance teacher. I even went to her wedding. Because she taught me from fourth grade to high school, my instructor was like family to me. It means a lot that now, many of my students feel the same way about me. 

I also have a special connection to competitive dance, since I competed myself growing up. I’ve been where my students are at. I’ve cried over scores I didn’t like and celebrated big wins. I know how it all works, and I’ve used those experiences to make me a better dance teacher. 

Though I’ve taught a wide variety of dance styles, as well as Pure Barre fitness classes, I focus on a few specific areas in my current teaching.

These are the types of dance I teach: 

  • Jazz 
  • Modern/Contemporary 
  • Musical theater 
  • Lyrical 

I teach kids as young as two and a half, and all the way up to high school level. I love teaching a variety of ages. It’s fun taking what I’ve learned through all my years of dance and college and sharing it with my students. 

Seeing the kids I teach learn and have fun is so rewarding. Though I prepare them for competitions, I want them to always remember the journey, the connections, and the growth are what matter most. I make sure that whatever level a child is at, they are enjoying the process, because that’s why they’re at Art in Motion. I want each child to leave with a smile on their face! 

I can’t imagine where my life would be without dance. It’s what I do, and I can’t see myself doing anything else. That’s why I love knowing I’m inspiring the same joy, passion, and confidence in kids who love to dance too!


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