Allyison Kissel


I’m Allyison Kissel,

Owner of Art in Motion Dance Center in Lakewood  Ranch. I’m thrilled to be opening a one-of-a-kind dance facility that’s been  long awaited in this area. It’s both competitive and recreational and I’m  confident it will be a huge contribution to the local community.  

As a former early childhood education teacher, I found it very easy to  transition my classroom management, teaching skills, and fitness  background into opening a facility that teaches creative movement through  dance. I’ve been passionate about it ever since my daughter Joelle started  dancing at age five. Today, as a professional dancer with a degree in  dance performance, she’s one of my chief partners in the business. 

It all started with a conversation I had with Joelle awhile back. We were  talking about how so many dance studios are high pressure and how the  enjoyment of dance often gets lost in those environments. I wanted to  change that. So, I came up with the idea to open a facility that would offer a  competitive yet fun environment. And that’s why we’re here today. Along  with our specially selected staff (many of whom are close family friends),  we’re excited to launch just a few months from now.  

I believe dance can be fun, competitive, and challenging, all at the same  time. Art in Motion provides a place where children, teens, and adults can  learn to dance at any level.  

Taking a business like this from idea to reality requires hard work and  focus. It also reminds me of the purpose of Art in Motion; to bring back the  enjoyment of dance. 

In both business and my personal life, these values guide me in what I  do every day: 

  • Fun: Yes, I believe fun is a value! So much pressure is put on kids  today with anything involving sports and competition. But if you’re not  enjoying yourself, you won’t get value out of the experience. In order  for things to be positive, memorable, and to stick—it’s important they’re fun.  
  • Learning: Not every child or adult learns the same way. If a student  is having a tough time learning a step, I find ways to communicate in  the ways they understand best. I value being able to look at someone  and to help them figure things out so they make sense. To be a  teacher with impact means setting your ego aside, being patient, and  being willing to speak the language of the student.  
  • The power of movement: Dance changes lives. It made me step out  of my comfort zone when I first learned to dance, and it does that for  everyone. It creates a safe environment for us to make fools of  ourselves, and we all need to do that sometimes!  

At Art in Motion, we’ll also offer something most dance centers don’t  provide—an opportunity for parents to join in on the fun, while also getting  in a great workout. Rather than wait in the car for their children’s classes to  finish, parents can come inside, blow off steam, burn calories, and learn  while moving with our fitness classes. We’ll have a variety to choose from,  including pilates, circuit training, and group exercise.  

Our dance center is a dream come true and a labor of love. To see our  years of experience, love of dance, and combined knowledge bloom into  Art in Motion Dance Center is so exciting.  

When it comes down to the real reason we decided to open Art in Motion,  it’s you. We did this for you. And it’s about you, not us.  

And we can’t wait to open our doors and meet you! 


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